Friday, 18 September 2009


I'm using red tonight because i'm in the middle of a very nasty Fibromyalgia flare !..I havent managed to do to much of anything because of the pain and the terrible exhaustion . I have done a lot of reading of my card making and scrapbooking mags and books ,  I have also spent a LOT of time watching a crafting TV channel , thats on 24/7 ....oh but things they have made have been incredible , so i'm buzzing with ideas and things i want to do !  I did manage to clean and tidy out the back room , which looking back didnt help my Fibro , but i hate to just sit , when i have a idea i like to just get up and get on with it .  I hate how this silent and invisable illness can just storm in and take over your life , even when you try and fight it its no good , you just have to ride the waves as they say ! ..With it comes the depression and the guilt of not being able to do all you want or at times not being being able to do anything at all !  It has scared me because i feel i have no control over it ...I know i have to adapt my life to live with it as it will never go away , but being such a active person i find this hard to accept ..but accept it i must !!

My daughters have all been around to see me and 3 of my grand-children Leo who is nearly 4 , Drew who has just turned 2 and Kerhys who was 2 in Febuary of this year ...what little charactors they are .... although feeling like a 'weeping willow' it wasnt long before they had me laughing with their antics ...what a shame that cant be bottled up  and taken out when its needed !! ...Well i think i shall retire to the boudoir ( that's posh ! ) as i am feeling quite tired ...Goodnight and sweet dreams .....Nanameme xx

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Some scrapbook pages

How is it life runs away from you ?? !!! ...You seem to have loads of time and then .... its gone !! ..I have found this to be so , the last few days have gone so fast and yet i seem to have achived nothing ! I think my problem is i want to do so many things and i'm trying to gather as much info and ideas on them that i'm ending up not doing ANYTHING ! I must try and do ONE thing at a time , how hard is it to change the habits of ones lifetime ?? !!

Anyway i am quite excited , on Sunday i went out for the day with my partner and ended up shopping for craft items and picked up some lovely things and all quite reasonable priced BONUS !! .Yesterday my crop-a-dile turned up and today my Helix craft room workstation arrived . I have been into the back room with the intention of starting to clean it up but there is so much to clean up and sort out that i walk back out again ! ..I ought to explain , in my profile i have added that i suffer with Fibromyalgia , CFS/ME and some other things that come along with the Fibro , i also have Carpel Tunnel in both wrists . I have been home now for nearly 4 weeks because of the pain and chronic fatigue . I live with pain and fatigue every day and am on medication from the DR to try and control it , but there are times the pain killers cant touch the pain ....and the last month has been one of those times , i am much better than i was , but , i have to be carefull not to push myself or over do it or i will be back in that flare up again , and thanks but NO thanks !! So the room will be done cause i'm itching to get in there and get my crafting stuff out and sorted , but it will have to be done a bit at a time . I did go in there and have a look through all my containers of craft stuff and there were lots of things that i had forgotten i had ... i have bought some small containers to start putting little things in like buttons , sequins etc so i can start on that .

Well i think i had better go and look in the kitchen for something to eat ...

Oh before i go i am adding some photos of some scrapbooking pages that i done when i first started which was at the beginning of the year ...I hope you like them , if anyone has any ideas on how i can improve or any tips i would love to hear them , i am a complete beginner in all of this and to be honest i know nothing , not sure what different papers are for or what glue to use for what and well i'm sure you get the general idea ...maybe there is a good book i can get or a web site that explains it all . I have a new camera and still need to work it out so my photos are not so clear as i would like . Well thats all for now , so until the next time love and hugs from nana meme

Friday, 4 September 2009


The grand-children started back to school today . It has been a horrible summer for all of them , we have had rain most days !!! Where is the summer of my youth gone , you could plan the night before to go to the beach the next day because it was nearly always sunny , pack up sandwiches and drink and bike down to the beach with your friends . Now children today moan if they have to walk up to the corner shop !!!

Yesterday for tea i made Cornish Pasties , and being Cornish born and bred it was a 'proper' Cornish Pasty ! I didnt take any photos yesterday but i did take some last year when i was making recipe scrapbooks for my daughters , i've encluded that photo ...
Well better go get busy still have stuff to do .

Thursday, 3 September 2009



I have managed to work out how to get my own blog site .

This is going to be a anything blog from what i'm doing , reading , baking or just how i'm feeling !
At the moment i'm trying to sort out getting a crafting room together . I have so much stuff to make cards and scrapbooking with but no room to do it in lol !!
I have ordered a crop-a-dile this morning , wanted one for ages and i've found a good priced one on a shopping channel , cant wait to get it !!!