Friday, 7 January 2011


Hi Everyone Happy New to you all . Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas . Mine wasnt so good health wise because i went down with the dreaded flu . I spent Boxing day and Holiday Monday in bed , i'm off to the Dr's today as i just cant seem to shake it off and i have a terrible cough which is keeping me up at night . But even though that side of it wasnt good i did receive some wonderful presents , my partner gave me a Kodak photo printer , which i have wanted for such a long time . I can now print off the photos that i want for my scrapbooking , it also copies and scans , looking forward to using it . My children spoilt me rotten again and they also gave me some wonderful things . I havent posted for along time and didnt realise just how long till i had a look on my last posting whoops where has the time gone !! I managed to get all my cards finished for Christmas in plenty of time and was very pleased with them . Anyway here is a look at the ones that i did , hope you like them .The last few pictures are of the jars of pickled eggs and onions , mince pies and the Christmas Pudds that i made for myself and my family . I love homecooked stuff for Christmas , very yummy !! ..Hope you enjoyed looking at some of my Christmas ... Take care . Love and hugs Melita xxx