Monday, 22 March 2010


Hi ... Well its been a very hectic last few days here ..My daughter Ruth had her engagement party Friday evening which was fantastic but i'm still feeling drained from it and the days leading up to it ...I have to realise i cant do things like i used to ! ..Never mind though i did enjoy it !

I made a card for my mum for Mother's day .  Its the first time that i have made a card using spellbinders and i really pleased with the result .  Hope you like it .

Also made the engagement card for daughter Ruth and her Partner ..I used the spellbinders again ..
Hope you like this one also !

This is me with 2 of my daughters , Rachel in the off the shoulder top and Ruth the other side , these photos were taken at Ruth's engagement party .
This one is me with all my daughters , the one on the end is Rebecca my eldest daughter ...I love these girls so much , so very proud at the women they have become and the wonderful, loving and caring mother's that they are ! .
My son David with one of his mates ..Although he is one of twins , he is my 1st born . He had cancer nearly 5 yrs ago , and it was quite bad , he had to have extensive chemo and radiotherapy , it was a very worrying time for all of us ..thanks be to God he is with us today and hopefully he will get the all clear later this year .. In the background is one of my grand-daughters Courtney , doesnt she look beautiful !!
This is me with my granddaughter Lauren Courtney's elder sister , another stunner !!
This is my grand-son Drew , Lauren and Courtney's baby brother , isnt he just adorable , look at those curls !! , he looks like a cherub !!!
This is my other son Daniel , David's twin brother , with Lauren . These are just a few of the photos that i took that evening , hoped you enjoyed a small look into a very wonderful evening ....

Well that is for now , take care and God bless Nana Meme  xx

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Well here we ae again ... I have been trying to start my decorating but it is a slow progress for me at the moment as i am having a terrible lot of pain in my right arm .. and yes i am right-handed .... i just hate letting my fibromyalgia stopping me from doing things , so , i am trying to push through it .. not doing too much as that would mean i paid for it big time and would be unable to do anything .. but i keep in mind the story of the 'Hare and the Tortoise ' !

Anyway apart from the decorating i have managed to do 2 cards .. one for my daughter Rebecca's birthday and one for her son , my darling grandson Joshua .  I have to get a card done for my mum as it is Mother's Day here this Sunday ..I have in mind what i want to do , so i'm hoping it will go to plan without too many hiccups !! ..Then i have to make a card for my youngest daughter Ruth and her partner Andrew as they are getting engaged the following week ...we are having a big family get together ..she has made some beautiful things for the party .  I also have a couple of ideas for keepsakes and i am so hoping that what i have in mind i can do as i have never attempted to do one before !!
This is the card i made for my Daughter's birthday ..Took me awhile as i didnt like the original and i ended up taking apart and changing it ..never mind i was happy with the finished result and Beckie loved it and that's what counts !!
Now for my Grandsons card .