Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Well here we ae again ... I have been trying to start my decorating but it is a slow progress for me at the moment as i am having a terrible lot of pain in my right arm .. and yes i am right-handed .... i just hate letting my fibromyalgia stopping me from doing things , so , i am trying to push through it .. not doing too much as that would mean i paid for it big time and would be unable to do anything .. but i keep in mind the story of the 'Hare and the Tortoise ' !

Anyway apart from the decorating i have managed to do 2 cards .. one for my daughter Rebecca's birthday and one for her son , my darling grandson Joshua .  I have to get a card done for my mum as it is Mother's Day here this Sunday ..I have in mind what i want to do , so i'm hoping it will go to plan without too many hiccups !! ..Then i have to make a card for my youngest daughter Ruth and her partner Andrew as they are getting engaged the following week ...we are having a big family get together ..she has made some beautiful things for the party .  I also have a couple of ideas for keepsakes and i am so hoping that what i have in mind i can do as i have never attempted to do one before !!
This is the card i made for my Daughter's birthday ..Took me awhile as i didnt like the original and i ended up taking apart and changing it ..never mind i was happy with the finished result and Beckie loved it and that's what counts !!
Now for my Grandsons card .


  1. Oh dear lol !! daughter used my computer and i thought i had lost everything that i had written ...but i found it in 'drafts' , i didn't know how to get it out to add some more to it so please excuse a slightly deranged woman lol !! ...I hope you like the card i done for my grandson .. he is football mad and the team he supports have a blue kit so i lightly coloured in the shirt with blue from the 'cosmic shimmer paints ' range .. i love the little board look - a - like that i hung on the tree ...i used some of my cross stitch thread for the string and a copper coloured brad to resemble a nail ... he loved it especially ' the man of the match Joshua ' ... well thats all for now ...sorry about the mess here ..i truly have to find out how to use the blog site properly lol !!!! ..God bless and take care love and hugs xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Melita! I just want to say thank you for taking the time to drop by my blog. Another big thanks for leaving a comment. I truly appreciate the gesture. :)

    You're blessed with a wonderful family. I want to hug all of your grandchildren because they so adorable! :)) You seem like such a wonderful grandmother.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely creations! <3

    Mabuhay from the Philippines and soon, America! :)