Friday, 4 September 2009


The grand-children started back to school today . It has been a horrible summer for all of them , we have had rain most days !!! Where is the summer of my youth gone , you could plan the night before to go to the beach the next day because it was nearly always sunny , pack up sandwiches and drink and bike down to the beach with your friends . Now children today moan if they have to walk up to the corner shop !!!

Yesterday for tea i made Cornish Pasties , and being Cornish born and bred it was a 'proper' Cornish Pasty ! I didnt take any photos yesterday but i did take some last year when i was making recipe scrapbooks for my daughters , i've encluded that photo ...
Well better go get busy still have stuff to do .

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  1. Mmmmm I love Cornish Pasties - gorgeous, makes me hungry just looking at your Melita. :)

    xxDebbie xx