Friday, 18 September 2009


I'm using red tonight because i'm in the middle of a very nasty Fibromyalgia flare !..I havent managed to do to much of anything because of the pain and the terrible exhaustion . I have done a lot of reading of my card making and scrapbooking mags and books ,  I have also spent a LOT of time watching a crafting TV channel , thats on 24/7 ....oh but things they have made have been incredible , so i'm buzzing with ideas and things i want to do !  I did manage to clean and tidy out the back room , which looking back didnt help my Fibro , but i hate to just sit , when i have a idea i like to just get up and get on with it .  I hate how this silent and invisable illness can just storm in and take over your life , even when you try and fight it its no good , you just have to ride the waves as they say ! ..With it comes the depression and the guilt of not being able to do all you want or at times not being being able to do anything at all !  It has scared me because i feel i have no control over it ...I know i have to adapt my life to live with it as it will never go away , but being such a active person i find this hard to accept ..but accept it i must !!

My daughters have all been around to see me and 3 of my grand-children Leo who is nearly 4 , Drew who has just turned 2 and Kerhys who was 2 in Febuary of this year ...what little charactors they are .... although feeling like a 'weeping willow' it wasnt long before they had me laughing with their antics ...what a shame that cant be bottled up  and taken out when its needed !! ...Well i think i shall retire to the boudoir ( that's posh ! ) as i am feeling quite tired ...Goodnight and sweet dreams .....Nanameme xx

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  1. I am so sorry that you must suffer. I will keep you in my prayers. Keep those grandbabies close ~ they say that laughter and love are the best medicine.