Sunday, 8 August 2010

Hi ... I'm late AGAIN !!! story of my life haha ! .... My mum's been poorly and we've had hospital visits with her and then her Dr wanted to come around and see her but she wanted family members there as well .  She had the results of her kidney scans , so we were thinking the worse .  Mum's kidneys are only working at 20% and she also has a mass showing up above her kidneys , Dr's dont know what it is !! It is around her adrenal gland area .  Now she could have a CT scan to see what it is there but they dont really recommened her having that done as it means a dye has to be pumped into her body and they dont think her kidney's would cope with it and as mum has already said that whatever is there she is not having a operation at her age ( she's 87yrs ) they feel it is best left ... so fingers crossed and lots of prayers are being said !! ..

I have also been to the hospital to have x-rays done on both my knee's .  The results didnt show anything but my Dr wants it investigated into more as he said the x-rays dont always show everything up .  So now i'm waiting for another hospital appointment !!  Good job i have a good stash of glue , tape and staples as i'm wondering when my body parts are going to start dropping off lol ! least i'll be able to glue tape and staple them back on !! ...

Well i know i'm a bad blogger , i should try harder to up-date a new card on here at least once a week .  I honestly do have all good intentions but i dont know ,  something always happens or i'm so tired or in pain from the 'Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS'  that the days seem to go by and then the weeks .. Any ideas guys as to how i overcome this would be gratefully received !! To top it all i am going through the 'change' and boy is it terrible ! ...Hot flushes and sweats ...why do we women have to suffer these things ?? ! ..I cant take HRT as i had a blood clot in my leg last year so after doing some reading i'm trying out 'evening primrose oil and Vit E ' and 'black cohosh '  ...please let it work !

Right down to buisness , i have done a card , it was for my mum's 87th birthday ..I used another 'Digi stamp' , loving these 'digi stamps' so much ... how wonderful to have so many people with this wonderful gift and so many that share their work for other crafters to use !! This time i used a stamp from 'DIGI DOODLE SHOP', there are really beautiful digital stamps on this site and a very big selection . I choose a 'Gone With The Wind' stamp for mum's card , she's a big fan not only of the film but anything to do with the American Civil War , she knows just about everything to do with it !  I used white cardstock as the base which i completely covered with a lovely burgundy coloured paper , then i used a silver miri card on top of that i used beautiful paper from from the 'Walk in Wonderland ' paper pack selection .  Right now for the main bit ... i painted the image using my 'Cosmic Shimmer ' paints and 'Twinkling H20's' , i cut this image out using the 'Spellbinders' 'Labels Ten' i layered this on top of some beautiful glitter card which i cut out using the same Spellbinders' but the next size up .  Behind this i fixed some lovely lace , top and bottom i used some gems . in the corners i used some bards and also some fancy heart shapes with i cut out using 'Pendants' in 'Spades' from 'Spellbinders' finished it off with some roses and ribbon which i attached under the card stock so you can tie the card up .. Very pleased with the result ..hope you like it as well.

Well thats all from me for now ...many thanks for taking a look .... take care and hugs .. Melita ( nana meme ) xxxx


  1. Very beautiful feminine card.Its a lovely image and I love cards that tie shut! Im sure your mum will love it and it will cheer her too.

  2. Many thanks Davi for your comment ....hugs xxx

  3. Beautiful card Melita. Your Mom will be in my thoughts, the stress isn't good for your illnesses either. I hope things calm down for you soon.

    Victoria (((HUGS)))

  4. Love your card its really beautiful and perfect. Try not to worry about how often you post, I did that and it made the whole thing a chore... just craft and post when and if you want ... we are all sticking around to catch up on the 'when'
    I hope that the mass is nothing much for your mum and that she soon feels a bit better. You made me laugh with the staples and glue line hehe
    hugs and happy weekend
    June xxxxx