Thursday, 2 September 2010


Hi There ..

I had a wonderful afternoon on Tuesday , i spent it with 2 of my grand-children Lauren and Courtney , who are pictured just above . We spent the afternoon making cards , birthday cards for their Mum to be exact . They both are interested in crafting and making cards and i encourage them as much as i can . I was so happy with their results , i helped with the cutting out , but they picked the colours and and items they wanted to use and i feel they have done a brilliant job in matching everything . The image they choose i said they could have a go at water colouring it , they have never done this before . I showed them how i do it and then left them to it . What a fantastic job they did ! .. I am sure their mum , my daughter Ruth is going to be thrilled with them .

Lauren choose to do her card in pink . Courtney choose to do her's in green .

Aren't they just adorable ! I have sorted out and given quite a lot of my crafting stash that i dont need or want . I will get some other stuff that they will need and hopefully this will keep their interest in crafting .... Many thanks for taking a look and i hope you agree with me that their effort has been well worth it ... Take care and many hugs until next time

Melita xx


  1. The cards are beautiful Lauren and Courtney!!! Good job :)

    Victoria ♥♥♥

  2. Thanks for the wonderful comment Victoria , they will love reading that . Just had a catch up on your blog , wonderful stuff as usual , you have such a talent and its wonderful that you share it with all of us ! ..Hugs Melita xx