Monday, 2 November 2009


I havent posted on my blog in ages !! I've had a very bad flare of my 'FIBROMYALGIA' but between the pain i've been busy buying more crafting items , well i had to do something to take my mind off the pain lol !!! well thats my excuse anyway lol !! ...Anyway i have been topping up my crafting items and i'm geting quite a bit of stuff now , trouble is everytime i watch ' Create and Craft' or walk into a crafting shop i see more that i want lol ! my poor credit card is going into melt-down ! ....I did tidy my spare room for my crafting room but i'm not happy with the way it is so i'm going to have another go at it this morning .  I've been looking at many other blogs , my, ... many many beautiful crafts you ladies or gents ! have on them , i'm no-where near as good as that but i will try and put on my blog things i have ( tried ) to do !

Well Hallowen has been and gone , all my grand-children called around to see me with their mums ( my daughters ) before they went out on their ' trick or treat ' venture , i took some photos , another thing i will try and put on here .  It was so good to have them come around and they all looked fantastic , really got me in the mood for Hallowen night !!

Well i guess i better get on and try to do some housework and then start on my crafting room .  Have a great day ...hopefully it wont be so long when i add to my blog again .......thats all from Nannie Meme for now .....


  1. Pop over to my blog I have an award there for you. Glad your feeling a little better.
    xx Vee

  2. Welcome to blogland and thanks for becoming a follower to my blog. I hope you feel better soon and are able to craft, I look forward to seeing your creations. I too have CFS and am going through a very tired period just now. Elaine

  3. Hi Melita, thanks for following me. I know a bit about what you are suffering, I have mild carpal tunnel, and I get fibrocytis sometimes, and other painful things.

    Cazzy x

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments , they mean a lot !! Elaine i do hope you will feel a lot better soon , that fatigue can knock you for 6 !!send you love and hugs xx Hi Cazzy although i dont wish ill health on anyone it is nice to know i'm not in the boat alone !! Take care love ! Hi Vee ..i have sent you a e-mail as i dont know what to do with my award , i'm new to all this and i dont know the workings yet of how to use my blog in different ways , thank you so much for the award and hugs to you as well xxxx