Friday, 13 November 2009

3rd TIME LUCKY !!!

Hi all ..Well this is now my 3rd attempt of posting this blog !!! ...The 1st one i lost , the 2nd one i spent ages trying to find the photos of my first cards i made to include and after going through just about everything on my lap-top and getting just a 'little' teasy i gave up !!  This morning my brain or maybe i should say my 1 brain cell lol seems to be working and i reailised why i couldnt load my photos , its because i loaded the photos on my desk top computer and NOT my lap-top duh !!!!!!! ..Any way i just hope that this time it works !!

After watching a demo by Sue Wilson on a crafting TV programme i fell in love with the stamps she used and the cards she made and just had to have a go at trying them out for myself .  I love Autumn and all the beautiful colours of the leaves changing colours , and she used this in her demo . So a big ' THANK YOU ' goes out to Sue for her ideas !!

Life has been quite good of late and i'm not having so many bad days so hopefully the flare is going , all but slowly ! 

Christmas is just around the corner now , is it me or does Christmas seem to come around quicker as you get older ? !!! Another couple of weeks and i shall make a start on my Christmas baking , it shouldn't be such a rush for me this year as i'm not working ..oh bliss ..Well i have umpteen things to do this morning so i suppose i better make a start ..speak to you soon and hugs Nannie Meme xx


  1. Hi Melita,

    Lovely to see that you've joined the bloggers and I am so chuffed that you are following mine too. I hope that you are well enough to keep on making your beautiful cards.


  2. oooh lovin this card xx jo xx