Friday, 15 January 2010

Late but still here !!

Hello All
Well i should have done this posting along time ago , but with one thing and another and Christmas i never seemed to have the time to sit and do this ...

The weather has been cold and we had some snow but not as bad as the rest of the country ! and now they are warning of floods because of the thaw out !  Why is it that life seems to revolve around the weather , is it a 'English' thing ? !!!

I had a brilliant Christmas although hectic and i did manage to make Family cards .  It took me a while and a lot of work as i have only made about 6 cards before but i was so pleased with how they turned out that it was worth all the time they took .  One thing's for sure i will be starting much earlier with my preparations for Christmas 2010 !

I have now finished work as i have been awarded full 'ill health retirement'  and i am so happy as i just couldnt cope any longer with work and my illness .  Maybe now i can spend some time doing the things that i have wanted to do for so long but just didnt have the energy , i'm looking at this as a New Beginning , A new adventure !!

The top card is one i made for a friend and the verse i encluded , the next cards are the ones that i made for my close family, 11 altogether .

The bottom  card i made for my brother who lives in Australia , i was too worried that the card would be damaged in the post to him so i scaled it down and changed it in some ways .

You can tell i know how to lay my blog out cant you LOL my pictures seem to be going anywhere !!

The start of making the mince pies , i did 9 doz altogether , not all for me i might add LOL ! i make them for my mum , brother and my children and their families as well...also made pickles and pickled eggs for us all as well !
I had to include the last photo think it says it all ..Murphy my 'little man' is thinking about tucking in i think LOL ...Oh what memories ...something no amount of money can buy or ever take away !!!

I wish you all a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR !! Take care thats all for now xx

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